Andrias at the Prague Museum night at the Turtle Museum of Man

Like last year, this year our members will attend a lecture cycle at the Turtle Museum of Man on the Prague Museum night 9. 6. 2018.

Program 9. 6. 2018


Hrdličkovo Museum of Man

The University Museum is a place of memory with a distinctive character. Its historical tradition and continuity are important. The permanent exposition presents themes of human evolution, development of individual, pathology and death.


Phantom models IV, Christian Fogarolli

Third exhibition from the cycle of site-specific temporal exhibitions in the premises of the Hrdličkova Museum of Man.

Accompanying events

First Aid-Project

Within the habitat, candidates can try resuscitation and learn how to solve unconsciousness, control respiration and much more. Expert tutors will also be happy to answer any questions the visitors have.

Time: 19:00-01:00


Back to the Future 2 (classroom photochemistry)

A lecture marathon focused not only on evolutionary biology will take place from 18:00 to 23:00 in the classroom photochemistry (ground floor Viničná 7, left).

Time: 19:00-00:00

Organizer: Andrias Z.S., AV21 and

If there are frogs there too? (Classroom photochemistry)

Where in the solar system can we try to find life? Is the country the only one, or is life in the past or still present elsewhere?
Mgr. Julie the unwheeled Doe (PřF UK)

Time: 19:00-20:00

Organizer: Andrias Z.S., AV21 and

Frozen Evolution (Classroom photochemistry)

Classification in terms of stability and other evolutionary forces.
Mgr. Jan (Faculty of Science, Charles University)

Time: 20:00-21:00

Organizer: Andrias Z.S., AV21 and

Do robots have their rights? (Classroom photochemistry)

The day is approaching when artificial creatures almost reach the human level in many ways. Do they then confess their rights? Is it in our interest or is it ethically necessary?
Phdr. David Černý, Ph.D. (Institute of State and Law of AV)

Time: 21:00-22:00

Organizer: Andrias Z.S., AV21 and

Technical improvement of human beings (classroom photochemistry)

Is it inevitable in the future that human beings are biologically and technically improved to make it easier to withstand disease, be smarter or even more moral? Is it our duty, or are we to worry about it?
Mgr. Robin Kopecký (Faculty of Science, UK)

Time: 22:00-23:00

Organizer: Andrias Z.S., AV21 and

Vaccination, Antivax movement and common sense in terms of parasitology (classroom photochemistry)

Do we start dying again for childhood illnesses, or will we protect our current nutrition and hygiene?
Mgr. Lenka Surcharge (PřF UK)

Time: 23:00-00:00

Organizer: Andrias Z.S., AV21 and

Details can be found here



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