"Spanilá Ride" to Česká Lípa

High School in Česká Lípa

As part of our activities we also focus on the education of evolutionary biology and popularization of this field, as well as related topics. He last appeared on Jan. 14. 5. With a lecture on the history of evolutionary thinking, present and future of evolutionary biology at grammar School in Česká Lípa. During the four-hour course, designed mainly for secondary school teachers, he repelled from the first evolutionary ideas to modernism, Darwin, and modern evolutionary synthesis, which still represents the mainstream of evolutionary biology. At the same time, it has shown that many of the non-mainstream evolutionary hypotheses have been increasingly applied in recent years, and with evolution it may not be as simple as it may have seemed a few decades ago. After an excursion to makroevolučním matters, he also touched on the concepts he develops in the framework of the laboratory of Evolutionary Biology at the Department of Philosophy and History of natural Sciences of the Charles University and the interpretation of the past, present and future evolutionary Biology is so round.



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