Pluto and beyond: the icy regions of the solar system

Our colleague Julie N-Wheels will perform 17. 9. 2018 from 17:30 in the hall H new buildings of the National Museum with a lecture Pluto and beyond: the icy regions of the solar system.

Beyond the orbit of Neptune lies an area of ice bodies called the Kuiper Belt. It includes the dwarf planet Pluto with its moons and many other similar bodies. But there is still no border on the solar system. The Oort cloud, from where the Dlouhoperiodické comets came, still goes on.

How many of them could be captured originally from other star systems? Can we discover larger bodies in these icy dálaváchs, as yet theoretically predicted "ninth planet"–and how to we're them? How Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud relate to "Interstellar visitors" of the type of Comet Oumuamua, which flew our solar system this year? What the New Horizons probe told us about Pluto, and what can we look forward to in the beginning of January 2019 when passing through the smaller body of the Kuiper belt? These areas are not very explored yet, but more interesting.

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