Andrias AGAIN at the Prague Museum night at the Hrdličkův Muzeum makeover!

As in previous years, our members will attend the lecture cycle at the Hrdličkův Muzeum makeover at the Prague Museum night 8. 6. 2019.


Natalie Perkof – it's about man

The fifth exhibition from the cycle of site-specific exhibitions called it's about man. The author is artist Natalie Perkof.

Accompanying events

First Aid – "Help Save the Life" project (ground left)

Within the habitat, candidates can try resuscitation, how to solve states of unconsciousness and control respiration and much more. Expert tutors will also be happy to answer any questions that visitors may have.

Time: 19:00-01:00


Back to the future 3 – a cycle of lectures in the classroom photochemistry (ground left)

The band of lectures offers futuristic themes like astrobiology – animals in extreme conditions and in space, future philosophy in the third millennium and treatise on myths about atheism and religion.

Time: 19:00-00:50

Organizer:, Andrias Z. S., Karel Čapka Centre for the study of values in science and technology

Mgr. Jan Toman: Extremofils Known and unknown (classroom photochemistry, ground left)

Podglacial lakes, inside hot surfaces, acid baths and high doses of radiation. All these extremes are capable of withstanding earthly organisms. But what makes extreme lovers distinguished? And do not even conceal the whole yet undiscovered deep evolutionary lines?

Time: 19:00-20:20

Mgr. Lenka Premium: Fish in orbit (classroom photochemistry, ground left)

We all know Lane, the first dog in orbit. But the animals were more into the universe, the first humanity of the sent organisms crossed the boundaries of space space in 1947. Did you know that there were fish or a very enthusiastic cat among the non-volunteer astronauts?

Time: 20:30-21:50

Mgr. Michaela Košová: New Philosophy of Tretieho thousanders – experimentation of the Philosophical arts (classroom photochemistry, ground floor on the left)

We present the Department of philosophy using the Výskumné Metóda on the map, as rôzne philosophical problems perceive the layover from the public. In particular, we are going to show you the attitude of the Otvára in the lock-up of Myseľ Philosophov, which will be possible.

Time: 22:00-23:20

Mgr. Robin Kopecký: 50 Shades of myths about atheism and religion (classroom photochemistry, ground floor left)

We will introduce research laboratory of evolutionary Biology Prof. Flegra dealing with how supernatural beliefs or their absence affect human life. We will try to rebut the often-mised myths about the origins of these beliefs and influences on our lives.

Time: 23:30-00:50

Details on the pages of Prague Museum night.



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