Beagle: the science through the eyes of young scientists

Beagle, this is the new popularity of the platform Flegrovy laboratory of evolutionary biology.
Running with the support of our Association was barely a month ago, and already, you can read interesting information on the origin of life, the toxoplasmóze and the cats.

The authors present the contributions of our colleagues are evolutionary biologist Jan Toman and Jana Hlaváčová, whose research project, we are already represented on these pages, but soon you will meet with other young scientists and students. Thematically it is especially dedicated to the Beagle evolutionary biological, psychological and most of the parazitologickým, i.e. the areas examined by its author's laboratories.

And where you can meet with Bíglem? Well, on the new site of Professor Flegra and its laboratories, address

Information about toxoplasmóze have proceeded under the new flag

On the creation of an information site about the toxoplasmóze we have already told you, but now we have more news for you. In the framework of the ongoing cooperation with the laboratory of evolutionary biology is Flegrovou web spread about other language versions, namely the English, German, French and Spanish version. Currently we are working on a version of the Russian, and we would like to add at least another Portuguese, especially due to the significant expansion of toxoplasmosis in South America. If you controlled the Portuguese and other languages, and would like to help us with other translations, we will be very happy.

10. June 2017: back to the future paths of science and philosophy

Pokusní rabbits, the Association to support science Andrias, r.s. and strategy AV21 (contemporary ethics, free will)

you on Saturday 10. June 2017 bring

Accompanying program of the Museum man Hrdličkova Faculty in Prague Museum night 2017

with the name of

Back to the future paths of science and philosophy

The event takes place in the building of the Faculty of science, Charles University in Prague in Viničné 7. Facebook event here.

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Support for research on fertility

We are launching support interesting and innovative student scientific projects that deserve reliable collateral, but so far they had stable funding. You can now help with the support of science and research. We are logged on as the first research into the impact of latent toxoplasmosis on human fertility. The aim is to select for the year 2017 for this project a total of 100 thousand. You can follow the procedure here. You can contribute any amount using a credit card (see the button in the right sidebar) or bank order on behalf of Andriasu 2001182781/2010, variable symbol, 1701. In the notification, you can give the e-mail or phone for communication regarding the sending of the confirmation of the donation for tax deduction (or you can always contact us contact email). Below is a brief extract from the project for the grant agency of the Charles University, prepared as an annex to the application for a grant to the Association administered Andrias. Opinions on the project can be read here.

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