Usc Independent Contractor Agreement

The approval process for an independent contractor takes place in the Lincware system and is expected to begin at least 14 days before work begins. Start the process now. The Internal Revenue Service asks the university to properly classify independent contractors. This policy and the website of independent contractors (link below) identify the steps, documents and processes necessary to ensure proper classification and subsequent payment to independent contractors. Following amendments to California law, including california Assembly Bill 5 (usually called AB-5) and AB-2257, a new test was introduced to determine whether a worker can be considered an independent contractor. An independent contractor is a person who meets the following conditions: an independent contractor is not paid on the university payroll, has not been paid on the payroll in a given calendar year, and receives payment from the university documented by the issuance of an IRS 1099 form. Purchasing Services (213) 740-4261 Regardless of the category of employees ultimately selected, individuals can only work at USC when the recruitment review and engagement process is complete. The university cannot enrol someone in the status of an independent collaborator, faculty or contractor. Managers are held accountable if they authorize individual work at USC without the appropriate authorizations in advance.

Disciplinary action is taken if necessary. Examples of the types of independent contractors used by the university can be found on the independent contractor`s website (see below). Checklist for Professional Services Agreement – Extended Working Guidelines – Professional Services Agreement – Photographer/Videographer Services Agreement – Paint and Carpetment Procurement View Forms . Unless granted by the state, independent contractors must meet all three of these requirements (ABC test): Independent Contract Agreements Checklist (ICA) – Independent Contractor Agreement – Schedules A and B are no longer included in published ICA forms if you need assistance filling out this form. Contact Office of the Comptroller at (213) 821-1900 Request Send The single-time prepaid card is a debit card issued by Swift Prepaid Solutions, Inc. to allow a one-time payment to individuals participating in clinical studies, research studies or innovation programs in universities. Learn more About Cancellation and new edition forms are now in USC eMarket. This page contains instructions on the process. For more information: Todd R. Dickey, Senior Vice President, Administration Robert Abeles, Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer Questions relating to this policy may be addressed to purchasing services or personnel management: International transfers are used in the following circumstances: To pay foreign suppliers and foreign persons who do not accept other payment methods; and to reimburse expenses for foreign visitors.