Directv User Agreement

Please read this page carefully. By using this site, you agree to all the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use this site. These terms and conditions of sale resolve any other agreements you have with us regarding this object. We may, at our sole discretion, revise these terms and conditions at any time; Therefore, you should regularly visit this page to check the terms and conditions of sale. The software will not be granted to you and will not be sold only under the terms of this license agreement, DIRECTV does not entrust you with ownership or ownership of the software to you and DIRECTV and its suppliers reserve all rights that are not expressly granted to you. Except as noted above, this license agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights over the software. The leasing unit contains software owned by DIRECTV or its third-party licensing providers (the “software”). Before using the leasing unit or activating the DIRECTV DVR service, please see the terms and conditions of use of the software. If you do not accept these conditions, you cannot use the leased equipment and do not activate the DIRECTV DVR service, and you must return it immediately to DIRECTV or your suppliers.

These conditions also apply to any changes, updates or additions of the software available to you. Below is a summary of the terms of the software license. You will find a complete text of the terms of use of the software in the manual of use and under You acknowledge that you have provided us with your credit or debit card information and you are authorized to authorize the card fee. You understand that you are receiving royalties and fees related to your receipt and use of the service and/or equipment and that you can also pay for early termination and/or not of rental equipment (as stated in any rental contract, programming or other service commitment agreement you have entered into; we call the program obligation “programming obligation”). By providing us with your credit or debit card information, which you can change at any time by calling the customer service number on your DIRECTV invoice, you allow us to apply this method of payment in accordance with applicable law in order to comply with all amounts due at the time of cancellation. You also acknowledge and accept that you are required to provide us with current credit or debit card information and to inform us if this information changes, for example. B, for example, a change in card number or expiry date, and that DIRECTV may receive this up-to-date information on payment card networks, card issuers or other third-party sources. If you want to go wireless, you can try the new Genie 2 for a one-time payment of $99. It`s not available everywhere, and users have complained, it`s still buggy, but it has more check-in time and you don`t have to hole in the whole house.

These conditions apply until the termination, with the exception of the provisions of this Agreement, which are intended, in its express language or in context, to survive the termination of this Contract which remains on that termination.