Property Maintenance Service Level Agreement

Effective service level agreements with the “KPIs” and the documentation concluded are essential for the proper functioning of commercial or residential buildings. We work with you to find a balance between managing maintenance via SLAs, whether it is preventative, comprehensive or correct maintenance agreements and fiscal budgeting. There is also the aspect of measuring the performance of each property in a portfolio and the entire portfolio from the beginning with the business plan. This is reflected in our performance-based report. “Good maintenance management not only ensures that the wealth of a property functions properly and provides tenants with a good quality of internal environmental conditions, but also promotes the longevity of useful life. Poorly maintained equipment has been shown to increase energy consumption, budget control problems, reactive management strategies and tenant satisfaction. Property management is the No. 1 factor that determines the performance of a property. For more information, visit the “Property Performance” section on this site. This agreement contains provisions regarding the mandatory requirements for property managers to be members of a client money protection system. This statement must be included if the manager holds the client`s money. Facility Management is one of our consulting services. We have introduced service level agreement agreements for the management of facilities in the German market.

We use this detailed market knowledge as leverage in negotiations with service providers. Through intelligent service sharing, we have achieved significant savings by improving customer satisfaction for both the landlord and tenant. This Property Management Service Level Agreement can be used by property management company, which manages a portfolio of residential real estate on behalf of the owner. Other models are available for the management of a single property, multi-building and commercial properties.